What is Modulia Studio ?

Modulia Studio is a VR app for music creation and performance. It works both as a standalone and as a controller for music production software. It will let you make the most of VR interactions without sacrificing the endless sound possibilities of existing software.


  • Create, move, play, and record your instruments without limit to create your very unique music studio.
  • Add nuance to your music productions by using expressive instruments.
  • Experiment and improvise chords and melodies using scales.
  • Use cameras and visual effects to build, rehearse and perform great live shows.
  • Just have fun creating in your immersive environment!

Discover the app’s possibilities with its standalone mode. Then, unleash its full power by using it in combination with your favorite music production software. Modulia Studio is optimized for Ableton Live™ and also works with any MIDI-compatible Digital Audio Worskstation.