What is Modulia Studio ?

Modulia Studio is a virtual reality MIDI controller.

It allows you to control any MIDI-compatible software and has an especially deep integration with Ableton Live™ 10 & 11.

It also features a standalone mode with embedded sounds for instant creativity.


12 modules to build your own custom studio


Use the Session module to control the session view of Ableton Live™:

You can trigger Play, Stop, Capture and Overdub, set the Tempo, activate the Metronome and Undo and Redo your actions.

You can also trigger, delete and duplicate Clips and Scenes.

Modulia Studio- Session module

Circular Keyboard

Choose between 180° and 360° modes and let yourself be surrounded by notes with this colorful 4 octaves Circular Keyboard.


Modulia Studio - Circular Keyboard module

Scale Keyboard

Scale Keyboard is a versatile keyboard that can change its shape to the scale or mode you need.

Featured scales and modes are:

Chromatic, Major, Minor, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Major, Harmonic Minor, Pentatonic Major, Pentatonic Minor, Blues Major, Blues Minor, Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian.

Modulia Studio - Scale Keyboard module

Expressive Keyboard

This module is a MIDI-MPE keyboard made for expressiveness.

It has 5 degrees of control per hand:

  • Note On velocity
  • Note Off velocity
  • Pitch bend
  • Channel pressure
  • Timbre (Control Change #74)

You can change its scale in the same way as the Scale Keyboard.

Modulia Studio - Expressive Keyboard module


Use the Remote module to trigger multiple notes and visual effects at once.

You can map each note of the Remote module to any instrument note and any visual FX.

This is ideal to play chords, to play different instruments at once, or to perform great visual shows.

Modulia Studio - Remote module


The Pads module is a 4×4 grid of pads ideal to play percussions and samples or to trigger MIDI-mapped actions.

Like every other module, you can resize it to either perform with tiny notes or with giant human-scaled notes.

Modulia Studio - Pads module

Cube Mixer

The Cube Mixer is a 3D mixing space. It contains 2 Mixing Objects that can control 3 different parameters each.

You can assign a MIDI CC message to each cartesian coordinate (X, Y, Z) for each Mixing Object.

Modulia Studio - Cube Mixer module

Cylinder Mixer

The Cylinder Mixer is a cylindrical 3D mixing space. It works the same way as the Cube Mixer but with cylindrical coordinates (ρφz).

This is ideal to modulate sounds with large body-scaled movements.

Modulia Studio - Cylinder Mixer module


This module contains 4 assignable knobs.

You can easily duplicate it to get more control possibilities.

Modulia Studio - Knobs module


This module contains 4 assignable sliders.

Like the Knobs module, it offers a classic but really useful way to control and modulate parameters.

Modulia Studio - Sliders module


The Camera module lets you set your spectator’s view.

This is useful to show your avatar performing from third person points of view during live performances, videos or streaming.

(NB: The Camera module is only available in the Oculus Rift and Rift S versions).

Modulia Studio - Camera module


This module is meant for performance. It allows you to add visual effects to your scene.

You can set the shape of the effect between Flame, Fireworks, Lightning and Flakes and also change its color.

You can either trigger the effect via the Remote module or on the FX module itself.

Modulia Studio - FX module

Modulia Desktop

Modulia Desktop is a bridge between Modulia Studio and your MIDI-compatible software.

It is required to wirelessly control your DAW from Modulia Studio on Oculus Quest.