The infinite potential of virtual reality for music production and performance

VR Guy original
I’ve been making music with music production software such as FL Studio or Ableton Live for more than a decade. I have always been really grateful to live in an era when the access to creation and expression is easier than ever. With Modulia Studio, I’m trying, in turn, to build great tools for creative people to express themselves!

When I first discovered virtual and augmented reality back in 2015 as I was producing a friend’s album, I instantly had the feeling that these technologies would open great new perspectives for music creation and performance. In particular concerning human-computer interactions. As an engineering student I developed a first proof of concept of a virtual reality music controller app in 2016. The app received great reviews from artists and music teachers which gave me the motivation to continue the project full-time!

As virtual environments are not constrained by the laws of physics and today’s technologies allow us to interact with virtual intuitively, we can build digital music production interfaces that are more organic, more ‘human-scaled’. The action of turning knobs can be replaced by large arms movements, for example, which makes performance more visual. Artists can create, move, resize and delete music devices endlessly and save as many setups as they want which brings a fluidity in the creative process that is impossible with hardwares. And so much more…!

Immersive technologies bring a lot of opportunities for creative industries and the goal of Modulia is to work closely with artists to develop the tools that will help them shape the music masterpieces of tomorrow!

William Dulot