Monetization in Modulia Studio is evolving

Modulia Studio modules

3 months ago, Modulia Studio was released in Early Access on the Oculus Store. Early Access is great to work closely with users to improve the app and to offer the best experience possible. During these 3 months, you gave Modulia Studio great reviews, which is really encouraging, and you made constructive comments, which helped us a lot! Amongst the feedbacks you gave, you’ve shared a few concerns and the main one was the price of the pro edition of the app.

We have therefore decided to change the way we monetize Modulia Studio!


Only pay for the modules you need


Modulia Studio now has a store where you can unlock modules individually. You want to create with expressiveness to give life to your music productions? You can purchase the Expressive Keyboard for $7.99 to unlock unlimited access to it! You need to share different points of view with your audience? Buy the Camera device for $4.99 and share your playing avatar!

You have a demo time of 6 minutes a day so you can test every module and then only purchase the ones you want!

Modulia Studio modules


You can now save your projects for free


Saving is no longer restricted! You can save your virtual studio one day and find it back another day. Save as many studios as you want! You can also place as many devices as you want in your environment (it was previously restricted in the Free edition). Keyboards also have more scales and modes available (chromatic, major, minor, melodic minor, harmonic major, harmonic minor, pentatonic major, pentatonic minor, blues major, blues minor, ionian, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian, locrian)


Introducing the Circular Keyboard


With the update 0.1.19 comes a new module: The Circular Keyboard! It allows you to play on a black and white keyboard made to surround you! It has a 180 and a 360 degrees mode to let you make the most of the Oculus Rift S’ inside-out tracking.



We will continue to develop new modules so if you have any suggestion feel free to tell us!

We are a small independent studio devoted to building a great VR music production tool and we are so happy to know you are already many who use our app! Do not hesitate to talk about it, to share what you create, to give us any feedback and to purchase modules if you can. All of this helps us a lot!

See you soon in VR!

Download Modulia Studio for free here.

William Dulot